Green Energy


Each day we are consuming massive amounts of artificially generated energy, paying more and more money as the prices rise and the resources to fuel the power plants are depleting, destroying and poisoning the nature that we need so urgently for our health.

You can stop that now by using green energy for your daily energy needs.

The sun is delivering more energy than we can consume every day.

With solar energy you can produce electricity on any place the sun can reach – even on rainy days – and you can store the energy for use during night time.

168 YelloBill is your consultant, supplier/importer, assembler and maintainer for preferably German solar systems to lower your electricity bills and to save our environment.

Our portfolio includes:

1. Solar modules

modules, monocrystalline
modules, polycrystalline
modules, thin-film
modules, flexible and colored, for architectural designs – shapable in any ways desired
modules, for rolling up to use in changing locations or tents, trucks, boats, etc.
modules, transparent for use as windows
modules that can replace roof tiles
spherical solar modules
All solar modules can be assembled horizontal or vertical

2. Solar inverters to change the produced DC current into AC

3. Solar cables and cable connectors

4. Solar batteries, lead-gel and lithium-ion

5. Solar data logger

6. Complete prefabricated solar systems ready to assemble – with battery or on-grid

7. Complete mobile solar system to use on different locations, f.e. for constructors or outdoor events

8. Solar lamps for house and garden illumination, and solar street lamps

9. Solar pumps for garden ponds, swimming pools, house water works, yachts, etc.

10. Solar carports with dual use: park your car in the shadow while producing energy – either for your home or for your electric car

11. Solar thermics to produce hot water

12. Solar desalination to produce drinking water from sea water

13. e-Homes, energy-efficient houses that come together with a complete off-grid or on-grid solar system


168 YelloBill

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