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Today our company 168 YelloBill was accredited as the exclusive dealer for the territory of the Republic of the Philippines for import and sales of BASF Neopor permanent shuttering elements, developed and manufactured by Izodom 2000 Polska.

These elements are used for energy-saving, same like passive house construction, because of high heat protective quality. In addition they are fire retardant, typhoon-proof, seismic-proof, and there will be no moisture, no mold, no insects in the house. The raw material, Neopor, for manufacturing the elements is coming from the German BASF.

You can finish a house about seven times faster than a conventional house.

In short, they are faster, cooler safer. An excellent solution for Philippine home owners, and for industrial buildings to have a pleasant inside temperature.


168 YelloBill

Import - Export and Consulting worldwide. All kinds of German products for industry and home. Specialized in renewable energy, water supply and treatment.

Exclusive dealer for izodom 2000 polska® Neopor®

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