New website

168 YelloBill is proud to inform our friends and our valued clients, same like those who are looking for our services, about the completion of the maintenance and modernization of our website.

All modern features that are up-to-date are used by our webmaster, Benedikt Bender, to make the appearance easy to use and shows all information that might be asked by the visitors.

  • using a responsive layout, we now fully support mobile devices (iOS and Android)
  • you can now find links to our social network pages on the upper right corner
  • our contact-form makes it easier for you to get quick answers to your questions
  • we now have an RSS feed you can subscribe to – so we can keep you up-to-date
  • and more to come …


168 YelloBill

Import - Export and Consulting worldwide. All kinds of German products for industry and home. Specialized in renewable energy, water supply and treatment.

Exclusive dealer for izodom 2000 polska® Neopor®

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168 YelloBill
B1-L 28 Austery Subd.
Iloilo City 5000

Phone +63 333 211 211
CP +63 926 667 4428
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