Trade Fair Iloilo 2014

Now that we have informed our exhibitors that our solar exposition has to be postponed, we will give it here also once again for the public.

This happened due to delays in the delivery of building materials for the interior of the newly constructed building in which the exhibition was to take place. Since we are sure that the chosen place for the exhibition will perfectly suit to our customers requests – located right on the sea beach, easy to reach, parking spaces, a restaurant on the side building – we will choose no other place, especially since it would be difficult to find something equivalent.

We hope for your understanding and we will announce when the next exhibition date will take place.

Thank you, the Management

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168 YelloBill

Import - Export and Consulting worldwide. All kinds of German products for industry and home. Specialized in renewable energy, water supply and treatment.

Exclusive dealer for izodom 2000 polska® Neopor®

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