What are e-Homes?


e-Home stands for “energy-efficient home

That means your e-Home has low energy costs – or even no costs for energy are possible.

Your e-Home can be outfitted with a photovoltaic system.

All e-Homes are seismic proof – typhoon proof – flame retardant – moisture-resistant  they are cooler, quieter & safer.


Energy Rating - Izodom 2000 Polska
Your e-Home will be built with the same constructural basics as in Germany or Poland, where a lot of energy is needed for heating and hot water during winter time, when the outside temperature can reach -20° C or even more, whereas there is a comfortable temperature of 17° to 21° C inside – but no, or very low energy costs will accumulate.

This technology is also used for the opposite – the summer heat, which can reach up to 40° C in Germany during the hottest period. But still, it will stay 17° to 21° C inside – with practically no energy costs.

It doesn’t matter if you’re protecting yourself from cold or desert heat. The house must be durable, it must provide insulation from changing temperature and protect you from excessive energy bills – it must make you feel safe and secure.
Building a house is a huge expense. Concrete walls ensure durability and savings for years. See the typical projects implemented in Europe, UAE and worldwide.

All of this will be possible by using special construction materials from Germany and Poland for walls and roofs and also a special silent water and air cooling system will be assembled.

Housings – Cozy climate house of your dreams

Industrial facilities – The Izodom® forms are popular among businessmen

Advantages – more affordable and faster construction than you can ever imagine

Neopor Insulation - Izodom 2000 Polska
Durable concrete structure with unheard-of thermal insulation parameters, absence of thermal bridges, quick completion times and most of all, energy efficiency throughout the building time.

Our products have been used to build many fruit storage facilities, cold stores, meat deep freeze stores where low temperatures are needed all the time, as well as mushroom growing facilities where a stable temperature is required.

Our technology is also attractive for businesses because every entrepreneur wants to complete the project as soon as possible. The sooner done, the earlier you start doing business and profit. Therefore, BASF Neopor® formworks from Izodom 2000 Polska® have been used to build cold storage houses, printing houses, tanneries, offices, shops, warehouses, barns in the country, etc.

Passive air cooling, no noisy aircons

Your e-Home may have a solar system installed that can completely push down your electricity bills in combination with your own water supply and drinking water preparation.
We are combining German and Philippine construction material, and also German and Philippine construction experience and workmanship to ensure 100% customer satisfaction and the perfect home for you.

Realise your own Design Ideas

Our Philippine architect will let you realise your own design ideas

Your requirements to change the construction material and/or construction technics cannot be observed, as this will change the effectiveness of the e-Home.
All of this will result in the best combination for a comfortable and cozy home that you can be proud of, and  your friends and neighbours will be envious of.  Your dreams will become true.

 Your e-Home is Your castle

Your e-Home is your Castle

Want to have an e-Home?

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Interested in selling or constructing e-Homes?

We can give you the chance to become a reseller or franchisee and constructor of e-Homes and realize a good income.

The best chances are for architects and construction companies. But if you are a motivated career changer with commercial and technical skills, you also have high chances. Computer qualification is crucial.


Please send us an application with your bio-data to the following E-Mail addresses respectively. Every inquiry will be answered as soon as possible.




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